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ayuda a estudiante para investigacion de proyecto de un museo


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Feb 16, 2010, 4:29 PM

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ayuda a estudiante para investigacion de proyecto de un museo Responder Citando El Mensaje | Responder

hola a toda la comunidad pues aqui pidiendo su ayuda para realizar mi investigacion de taller de diseño en el cual tenemos que elaborar un museo les agradecesia su ayuda

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Feb 17, 2010, 6:59 PM

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Re: [juank54] ayuda a estudiante para investigacion de proyecto de un museo [En respuesta a ] Responder Citando El Mensaje | Responder

entre lo que debes acotar: tipo o vocacion del museo, ubicacion geográfica

Aqui algunos enlaces interesantes en este enlace puedes adquirir ($35 USD) el siguiente libro

Planning Successful
Museum Building Projects
By Walter L. Crimm, Martha Morris, and L. Carole Wharton
“A terrific single-source tool for guiding museum administrators and
staff through very complex processes that are not ordinarily central to
their core competencies. Having spent the last eight years around major
museum projects, I would say the book brings much clarity to the
planning and implementation of such ventures. Museum professionals
and those who teach college courses in museum studies, construction
management, and project management would benefit from the authors'
insights. Architects, MPE and structural design professionals, general
contractors, and municipal and university public works/planning offices
will find this book extremely useful for understanding the various
environments in which museums undertake building and renovation
projects.”—Richard Rutledge, Denver Art Museum
“This book brings together in one place valuable lessons learned from
the MAAM Building Museums conferences. The authors provide a
practical overview of what it takes to plan and construct a new museum
from the point of view of the museum professional. This is a unique and
exciting contribution to the professional literature.”—Jennifer Esler,
Museum of the Shenandoah Valley
In an era of expanded responsibility and constricted funding, museum personnel often need strong
practical guidance on the best practices for building projects. The authors of Planning Successful
Museum Building Projects discuss the reasons for undertaking building projects (new construction,
renovation, expansion), the roles and responsibilities of key players, the importance of a strong
vision, and the best methods for selecting architects and construction firms. They also offer indepth
information about budgeting and finance, feasibility studies, capital campaigns, marketing,
and communications, as well as advice on how to live through the disorienting process of
construction, manage post-opening needs, and evaluate the project's success over time. Planning
Successful Museum Building Projects provides all the tools for successfully managing projects from
predesign through opening and beyond.
Walter L. Crimm is a planner and architect with thirty years of experience; he directs the Cultural
Design Group at Ewing Cole in Philadelphia. Martha Morris is associate professor of museum
studies at The George Washington University. She has served as program chair of the Mid-Atlantic
Association of Museums' Building Museums symposium since its inception. L. Carole Wharton is
the former president of the Society for College and University Planning and has extensive
background in facilities planning and construction, budgeting, finance, and strategic planning.
January 2009, 260 pages
ISBN-13 978-0-7591-1187-5 $34.95 paper ● ISBN-13 978-0-7591-1186-8 $75.00 cloth


roberto sanchez,RCDD

Facilius Per. Partes in cognitionem totius adducimur. Seneca -Es mas fácil entender por partes que entenderlo todo-

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